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Section Plot First Name Middle Name Last Name Date Of Birth Date Of Death Date of Burial
A 1 Kevin Christian Johnson Sep-20-1995 Jun-29-2010 Jul-03-2010
A 3 Francisca Kingsford Apr-02-1956 May-13-2005 May-17-2005
A 4 Baby Kingsford Feb-09-1953 Feb-09-1953
A 5 Albert Kingsford Jan-19-1990 Jan-19-1990 Jan-26-1990
A 5 Daniel Kingsford Jan-19-1990 Jan-22-1990 Jan-26-1990
A 6 Emma Matilda Kingsford Oct-20-1917 May-14-1999 May-21-1999
A 7 Roscoe Aldous Kingsford Oct-03-1916 Feb-09-2005 Feb-14-2005
A 8 Gilbert L. Jordan Jul-01-1924 Dec-12-1990 Dec-14-1990
A 11 Neldon A. Fuell Nov-18-1938 Sep-12-1991 Sep-17-1991
A 13 Beverly Maxine Thompson Oct-28-1922 Mar-05-2010 Mar-13-2010
A 14 Willis Rudolph Thompson Jul-11-1923 Sep-15-2007 Sep-21-2007
A 15 George LaVern Wardlow May-26-1892 Jul-20-1977
A 18 Raymond Gail Hickman Aug-01-1958 Aug-01-1958

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